Zich's Opera "Vina"

On Saturday (June 9th) evening, Masaryk University and Ensemble Opera Diversa in cooperation with the National Theatre Brno, will exclusively stage selection from Otakar Zich's opera Vina (The Guilt) in a form of a staged concert. 

On Tuesday 14th March 1922 Otakar Zich's opera Vina premiered in the National Theatre in Prague. The opera was based on a drama of the same title written by Jaroslav Hilbert. It stayed on the repertoire for two years with impressive 15 reprises. The next production of Vina could be seen in 1929 as a part of celebrations of Zich's 50th birthday. Since then, the opera was never heard again.  

Otakar Zich is known as a musicologist, aesthetician, teatrologist and literary theorist. At the same time, he was also a composer but unfortunately, his musical work sunk into oblivion. In an attempt to commemorate this important figure of Czech culture, a unique project of Masaryk University, Ensemble Opera Diversa, and National Theatre Brno came into existence.

During the international conference discussing the importance of Otakar Zich and his legacy for the Prague Linguistic Circle, selected parts of the opera shall be heard one more time. The Canadian musicologist Brian Locke chose parts of the opera especially for this night and rearranged it for two pianos. The production offers a unique opportunity to get to know the work of a significant Czech figure, whose work was not heard in opera and concert houses for almost 100 years. 

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