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We warmly invite you to join an international symposium in theatre studies called 

“Brno Theatralia Conference 2016: Czech & Slovak Scenography For Shakespeare”. 

The conference is held by the Department of Theatre Studies, Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University (Brno, Czech Republic) in Brno in 8–9 November 2016.

We welcome paper proposals that consider staging Shakespeare in Moravia during the period 1840–2016 with particular focus on the scenographic issues.

The aim of the symposium is to map different aspects of stage design in productions of Shakespeare from historical as well as present perspective, artistic and political trends being articulated in the particular performances, and different ways in which Shakespeare has been transposed from page to stage.

One of the main aims of the conference is to present Moravia as a focal point and a crossroad of Central European theatre in the context of Staging Shakespeare. An important focal points is also the regional one, as the primary concern of our debates should be the productions of Shakespeare in the area of the former Czechoslovakia (todays Czech Republic and Slovakia).

Abstract submission deadline: 31 May 2016 (see General Information).

 The conference will be held in English. 

We look forward to meeting and sharing ideas and issues of interest concerning staging Shakespeare in Brno with you. 

On behalf of the organisers, 
Šárka Havlíčková Kysová, Naďa Satková, and Eliška Poláčková

Troilus a Kressida, 1979, Státní divadlo Zdeňka Nejedlého, Ústí nad Labem, scenography: Jaroslav Malina (Scénografická sbírka IDU)

Zkrocení zlé ženy, 1952, Krajské oblastní divadlo, Olomouc, scenography: Oldřich Šimáček (Scénografický fond IDU)

Brno Theatralia Conference 2016:

Conference Programme in PDF, Conference Booklet in PDF

MONDAY, November 7

Welcome Event venue: Masaryk University, Faculty of Arts (Arna Nováka 1, building B2, ground floor)


Conference Welcome Event: Exhibition Operatic Shakespeare in Brno opening (guest of honour: prof. Milan Pol, Dean of the Faculty of Arts)


Conference Day 1: TUESDAY, November 8

Conference venue: Masaryk University, Faculty of Arts (Arna Nováka 1, room B 2.23)


Morning coffee/tea available




Keynote speech

Joseph Brandesky: Jaroslav Malina’s Shifting Shakespeares –From Action Design to the Big Synthesis


Coffee break


Section 1 (chair Šárka Havlíčková Kysová)

Eva Stehlíková: Going To Bed With Cressida. A side note on Malina’s stage setting for Rajmont’s Troilus and Cressida production (Činoherní studio – Drama Studio, 1979)

Dennis Christilles: Jaroslav Malina and the Winds of Change: Observations on Two Productions on the Cusp of the Velvet Revolution


Lunch break


Section 2 (chair Martin Bernátek)

Jana (Bžochová-)Wild: Oriental Bazaar or Communist Garbage? (Comedy of Errors, 1971)

Dagmar Inštitorisová: Scenography of Shakespearomania I – III by Peter Scherhaufer in the Goose on the String Theatre in Brno

Věra Velemanová: Jan Dušek and his three Hamlets


Coffee break


Section 3 (chair Klára Škrobánková)

Tereza Zálešáková: A Midsummer Night’s Dream as a matter of gender

Jana Cindlerová: Hamlet in Ostrava


Conference Day 2: WEDNESDAY, November 9

Conference venue: Masaryk University, Faculty of Arts (Arna Nováka 1, room B 2.23)


Morning coffee/tea available


Keynote speech

Christian Billing: Race as Scenography in Jozef Ciller’s Set Design and Katarína Holková’s Costumes for Rastislav Ballek’s Production of Othello at the Národní Divadlo Brno (2014)


Coffee break


Section 4 (chair Eliška Poláčková)

Vlasta Koubská: Stage and costume designs of František Zelenka (1904–1944) for Shakespeare productions

Zuzana Koblišková: Katarína Holková and her visual poetics for Shakespeare


Lunch break


Section 5 (chair Šárka Havlíčková Kysová)

Ewa Tomaszewska: Midsummer Night’s Dream in Polish puppet theatres in the Silesia region – performances directed by Josef Krofta and Marián Pecko

Martin Bernátek: Think of Props: objects on stage in Daniel Gulko’s Shakespearian clownerie Chaos of the Heart


Coffee break


Concluding speech, discussion

Pavel Drábek: “First I talk, then we read, and then for a couple of days I talk…”: Comparative Dramaturgy, Interactions with Scenography, and Our Continued Discussions on Czech and Slovak Scenographies for Shakespeare (concluding speech)


 Informal farewell dinner

The programme is subject to change.

Source: Scénografický fond IDU

Source: Scénografický fond IDU

Source: Goose on the String Theatre Website

Source: Scénografický fond IDU

Source: Goose on the String Theatre Website

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